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Looking for something a little different in the  winter hat department for your baby or toddler? Our Heritage wool bonnets might be the answer! Yesteryear style with modern flavour, our wool bonnets will protect little faces from the sun, keep heads warm and frame those adorable faces too! What’s more, our wool bonnets for babies and toddlers are fully reversible giving you two hats for the price of one, with a beautiful plain colour on one side and a coordinating print on the other. Made from a reversible wool fleece they feature chin ties that tie up under chins to keep hats in place and are a warmer and snugger version of our lighter Heritage baby sun bonnets made from 100% organic linen.

Wearing a hat daily is essential in Australia, where the UV factor is only ever low enough to not do damage for approximately one month of the year. Not only that, wearing a hat as early as possible will mean your child grows up a  happy hat wearer!  By wearing our cosy wool bonnet hats from birth when they can’t move their little hands, babies will just become accustomed to something on their head so by the time they’re on the move, those hats will stay put because it’s become as normal to them as wearing a nappy!

Bedhead has a huge range of sizes to ensure there is a stylish sun protection option for all ages and seasons. Our baby wool bonnets are ideal for newborns up to around three years old.

If you prefer a more traditional beanie style for your little one, you might like our fleecy beanies – we have cute Teddy beanies and  koala beanies. And for the warmer months, something light, breezy and protective such as our baby sun hats. We have styles to suit every occasion and every season. In summer, babies need to wear a sun hat every day to decrease the risk of developing skin cancer as an adult, something we don’t wish on anyone, having experienced it a fair bit ourselves. Try our Originals baby  legionnaire  or  toddler bucket  styles for everyday wear, our Swim legionnaire  and  rash vests  for waterplay, and our Heritage flap hats  if you love a more muted look to your patterns and colours. To find out what style is best for your baby’s age and development, read this blog post  about them.