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The Bedhead Wet Bag is perfect for getting damp items home safely from the beach or pool - without saturating everything else! Simply wring out wet cossies, swim hats and rash vests and then pop them into the generous-sized Wet Bag and close the zip.  Available in our bright and cheery range of coordinating Swim hat prints for stylish beachwear. Be sure to remove wet items from the bag as soon as you get home and wash as normal!

Our wet bags are used for much more than just beach days and swimming lessons! They’re the perfect size for sleepovers, road trips and for storing all those bits and pieces that don’t really have anywhere else to go! They’re also extremely popular with mums who like to use them as plastic-bag alternatives for daycare – great for any wet clothes or to send home dirty cloth nappies.

Our wet bags are just a small part of our Swim range which helps protect all the family with hats and rash vests during the hot, harsh summers. We’ve got swim legionnaire hats for babies and toddlers, classic and ponytail buckets for kids, and swim visors for ladies. UV rays are even more deadly when around reflective surfaces such as water – all that sunlight bounces off the water and onto little bodies, making a swim hat and a  rash vest  absolute essentials while in the pool or at the beach. Combined with other sun-safe measures like shade and sunscreen you can be sure your child is protected when they’re out in the sun. Babies and children are vulnerable to UV radiation and more susceptible to sunburn and skin damage. Any UV exposure in their early years greatly increases the risk of developing skin cancer as an adult, and we don’t wish that on anyone,  having experienced it a lot in the Bedhead team.