What makes Bedhead hats different?

We believe in making hats that babies and children love to wear. That is why Bedhead hats are unique and specially designed to make Mums & Dads lives just that little bit easier! When playing outside, the floppy brim and chunky drawstring of an ill fitting hat are just a hassle to an inquisitive toddler. Our comfortable fit and soft stretch cotton enable a superior fuss free fit ready for loads of fun in the sun!

Best Hats in Sun Protection -Bucket hats, Broadbrim, Legionnarie Kids & Babies Hats Australia

Best in Sun Protection

Bedhead Bucket, Baby Bucket & Legionnaire hat styles have been tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4399, where a UPF rating of 50+ Excellent Protection was reported. All Bedhead styles that comply with this rating are ticketed with the swing tag pictured below.

NOTE: Due to the nature of reflected or scattered ultraviolet radiation, hats and caps can not necessarily provide adequate protection.

No floppy brims - Kids Hats

No floppy brims here!

The Bedhead hat brim has been specially developed to stay firm and remain out of the childs eye line. The major downfall of most hats is a floppy brim. Once a child is frustrated by their vision being restricted, the hat is most always pulled off. Bedhead makes sun safety easy for children and parents.
Stretch for a perfect fit - Kids Hats

Stretch for a perfect fit

Stretch lycra content allows for perfect fit every time. Babies are all different. They grow differently too. By making the hats with this resilient stretch fibre – the hat grows with the child.
Best in Sun protection! - Kids Hats Australia

Aussie Aussie Aussie!
Oi Oi Oi

We know a lot about extremely hot summers here in Australia and design to suit the hot and harsh conditions. With the highest rates of Melanoma, our focus is to lead generational change in skin care.
Newborn & Baby Hats

Our hats really fit

When a baby wears a hat from birth, they are less inclined to remove it as they grow older. Our newborn hats are also great to wear whilst sleeping in shopping centres (fluorescent lights).
Baby Hats - Designed for use in prams and carriers

Great for prams & baby carriers

Our Baby Bucket & Legionnaire styles are developed with prams & baby carriers in mind. Soft & flexible under babies neck for utmost comfort, whilst providing sun & glare protection for the face.
Bedhead  - Easy Care Wash and Wear Kids Hats

Easy care – wash & wear!

Our hats are happy to be thrown in the washing machine with the rest of the family's clothes. Cold machine wash on gentle cycle, line dry in shade & they're ready to roll!
Our kids hats keep them cool!

We keep kids cool

No one likes sweat! Made from high quality cotton stretch jersey. Why is this fabric good for babies? Because over 90% of the fibre content is cotton – a natural fibre that breathes and allows for self cooling. SUN-SAFE SKILLS encourage sun-safe practices from early age. In our Australian culture, the great outdoors is part of everyday life. By starting babies young with the sensation of wearing a hat, this will help in developing a ‘natural urge’ to cover up before heading outside for their future.
People love bed head hats -read our reviews

Our love cup is overflowing

Take it from our customers – Bedhead hats are loved, adored and cherished! Not only by parents, children become very territorial of their Bedhead hats. Check out our customer reviews…