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Just like our Ponytail Bucket hats for girls who love to wear their hair up, we’ve created a broadbrim hat for ladies that will accommodate a messy bun! Our Heritage Voyager Wide-Brimmed Visor is for those ladies who have a lot of hair, love wearing their hair up, or prefer that half/half hat feel. We've also heard from many women excited to be able to wear a hat with a hijab. This broadbrim visor is super light and airy to wear, adjusts around the head for the perfect fit and gives you UPF50+ excellent sun protection.

Made from 100% eco-friendly linen which can self-cool in summer and warm in winter, the sun hat’s wide brim shields eyes and faces all year round, while the woven interfacing and thin cord edge in the brim gives a little more flexibility and shape without flopping in eyes, giving a soft movement to the hat rather than that rigid feel of other women’s hats.

Adjustable ties can pull in or out for the perfect fit and with four different size ranges, there is a hat to suit all sized heads! Fully reversible with a pattern on one side and a coordinating solid colour on the other, you get two hats for the price of one. We’ve designed our ladies hats to coordinate with some of the children’s hats in the range for matching mum-and-mini style. By wearing our beautiful Heritage Voyager Wide-Brimmed Visor, or any of our other adult hats, you’ll be the best role model for your children who love to mimic their heroes (their parents!) by copying them. Wearing a hat when you go outside is teaching children through actions. And with Bedhead’s adult hat range, it’s so easy to do so! We even have matching and coordinating children’s styles so they can be “just like mum or dad!”

Our hats, combined with other sun-safety elements like sunglasses, sunscreen and shade, are the best start to staying #sunsafeforlife.