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Ever asked the question, “Does my baby really need a sun hat?” or “Does my baby really need a hat in winter” and then wondered where on earth you could find a tiny hat to fit a newborn baby? Then you’re in the right place! (The answer to both those questions is yes, by the way!)

Bedhead’s Originals collection includes baby legionnaire hats and  toddler bucket styles in a variety of sizes starting from newborn. Our stretchy, breathable cotton hats are comfortable and specially designed for babies in prams, carriers and car seats. The soft flaps on the necks of the legionnaire hat lie flat whenever baby does, and the anti-flop brims can be angled to shield the face from the sun and glare. They’re so light and comfy, babies don’t even realise they’re wearing a hat.

Not only is a baby hat an essential part of daily wear in Australia to protect them from the harsh sun, it’s also a good step to ensuring your child is a happy hat wearer, as once they start daycare or school, those hats will need to be staying on heads! By wearing our soft, cosy legionnaire style hats from birth when they can’t move their little hands, babies will just become accustomed to something on their head so by the time they’re on the move, those hats will stay put because it’s become as normal to them as wearing a nappy!

Wherever you live, a sun hat is an essential must-have item for babies. In Winter, caps and beanies are needed to keep baby and toddler’s heads warm as most of the heat from a baby’s body escapes through their head. They can also protect little eyes from the glare of the sun, and despite how cold it may feel, UV rays are strong enough to do damage pretty much  all year round. In Summer – particularly in Australia – a hat such as a baby legionnaire hat is even more important. Australian summers are harsh, and a baby’s skin is more delicate than an adult’s. Babies and children are vulnerable to UV radiation and more susceptible to sunburn and skin damage. Any UV exposure in their early years greatly increases the risk of developing skin cancer as an adult, and we don’t wish that on anyone, having experienced it a lot in the Bedhead team.

Our job is to help parents like you protect their precious babies any time they’re in the sun – whatever the time of year or occasion. All of our  baby sun hats  and  rashies  are rated UPF50+ Excellent Protection for your peace of mind. Our baby legionnaire hats are perfect for everyday wear at the park, the backyard, at daycare or just out and about on a walk. For waterplay, we suggest our  Swim legionnaire and rashies, and for winter, check out our adorable baby beanies with ears for extra cuteness and woollen bonnets. We’ve also got reversible, adjustable eco-friendly linen styles in our Heritage Flap Hats which appeal to those who’d like two hats in one! To find out what style is best for your baby’s age and development, you might like to read this detailed  blog post  about them.