Easy Easter Hats: paper plate bunny mask

Date Posted:8 April 2019 

For those who don't really like the whole hat thing but still want to participate in the parade. Or for those on the shy side!

These masks are simple to make and cheap too - made from paper plates and cotton wool. Isn't it nice to be able to throw together some kind of crafty thing with items you already have around the house?

These masks could be made from cereal boxes or other food packaging too so raid your recycling bin instead of hitting the shops for supplies! Great to make and wear for the big Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday too!

Materials you'll need

2 large paper plates
Cotton wool - balls or sheets
Coloured paper or felt sheets
Thin elastic or string
Paper straws or coloured paper
Also helpful: hot glue gun

Step 1: Draw a simple mask shape and two eye holes on one paper plate and two ears on the other. Cut out. You might need to do a test on a piece of paper first to get the eye holes right.

Step 2: Cut two more ear shapes out of the coloured paper or felt but make them smaller than the ear. Glue in the centre of each ear. Staple in place on the inside of the mask (so the base of the mask is facing out - it will naturally curl around the face due to the shape of the paper plate). Cut a nose out of the same felt/coloured paper. For the whiskers, cut a paper straw in half lengthways and flatten slightly. Cut to the right length for whiskers and then "feather" the ends by carefully cutting into tiny strips. You can also just use plain paper or thin cardstock for the whiskers. Glue in place on the back of the nose on a slight angle so they don't sit too high up on the face.

Step 3: Start glueing around the mask. Pull apart your cotton wool balls or pads so it's nice and fluffy and easier to shape with. Cover the mask with the cotton wool, trimming around the eyes if needed. 

Step 4: Don't forget to poke a hole for the elastic or string on the sides - it's easier to do before you cover in cotton wool! 

Step 5: Use a hot glue gun to glue the nose in place. It is the best way to attach it as it's a little heavier with the straw. If you don't have a hot glue gun, glue the nose to the cardboard of the paper plate only - remove any cotton wool first so it doesn't pull it off. Attach your elastic or string and you're good to go! Can be worn as a mask over the face or sit just above the head as a "hat" of sorts!

Heritage woven cotton fabric
Originals cotton Jersey fabric

We hope you've got some inspiration for your upcoming Easter Hat Parade (or next year's if we missed the boat for you. Sorry about that!) Also check out our fancy Floral Bonnet and Feathered Hat Wrap. Don't forget to tag us in your posts if you try any of our hats!

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