Sun-safety Styling Journey: Which is best for you?

Author: Richelle (aka. the hat lady)   Date Posted:1 September 2017 

The physical development and growth of your baby to a toddler, then child, will greatly influence which hat is best suited to their needs. Here’s a quick guide to understand which is best for your little one.

LEGIONNAIRE: Where sun-safety starts

Babies are born with very little ability to control their head and neck muscles. The Legionnaire hat has been specially designed with a soft neck flap to fold under their neck - keeping the hat in the correct position.

PERFECT FOR: Newborns, crawlers, prams, strollers, car seats, carriers & slings

BABY BUCKET: The next step

Once baby is more physically mobile and comfortable wearing hats – it’s time to move up to a Bucket shaped brim. Baby Buckets have a soft flexible brim that introduces toddlers to an angled brim in the line of sight.

PERFECT FOR: Toddlers, prams, strollers, car seats, carriers & slings


Gone is the stroller or carrier – your big kid is ready for an Anti-flop Bucket hat. Our brims are created with ‘anti-flop’ technology so it will never block their vision. Soft, stretchy & lightweight, this is the hat they forget is on.

PERFECT FOR: Fully mobile children no longer requiring a stroller – walking, running, non-stop play!

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