Why Your Little One Should Be Wearing A Beanie

Date Posted:26 June 2018 

Toddler wearing Teddy Fleecy Beanie Denim
Toddler wearing Teddy Fleecy Beanie Denim

Now that summer is done, we’ve reluctantly packed all the beach gear away and pulled all our winter gear to the front of the wardrobe. We’ve pulled out last year’s jumpers and long pants only to find that they no longer fit our fast growing little ones.

We’ve stocked up on fleeced jumpers, boots, warm pants, even wooly socks, but so often we forget about one of the most important items in our kid’s winter wardrobe – a hat! Hats are one of the most optimal ways to be sun safe all year round in order to prevent UV ray damage. While UV damage isn’t something to forget about during the cooler part of the year, keeping young children’s heads warm is just as important.

Siblings wearing Bedhead Teddy Fleecy Beanies

Fact: babies and young children lose large amounts of body heat through their head.

In Australia, we are lucky to experience a generally mild winter (mostly); this however doesn’t mean we should forget about rugging up our kids when it’s cold. We tend not to think about protecting ourselves from the cold as much as those living in snow areas (because we simply don’t need to) but keeping our kids warm in winter is just as important as being sun safe in summer – whether there’s snow or not! While we might not need thermals and snow jackets most of the time, a warm hat should certainly be an essential winter item to keep our kids happy and healthy.

Our bodies are great at adjusting to cold and warm temperatures – for example, sweating is our body’s way of cooling us down, and our blood vessels squeeze tighter in order to push more warm blood deep into our bodies when we’re cold. Above the neck however, our bodies aren’t as good at adjusting the blood flow to warm us up. While that means we’re left a little cold up there, it’s a good thing. If the blood vessels in our heads squeezed as tightly, it would restrict blood flow to the brain.

This however does mean that it’s all the more important to keep our heads warm as well as the rest of our body. Babies can lose body heat rapidly – as much as four times more quickly than adults, and because this body heat is predominantly lost through the head, it’s important to keep that area as warm as possible for our little ones.

Toddler girl wearing Bedhead Teddy Fleecy Beanie in Baby Pink Marle

Fact: when children are not properly warm, the energy they get from food is used for keeping their internal body core warm rather than learning, growing and moving.

Children often aren’t able to recognise for themselves when they’re cold due to their accelerated metabolic rate. As you’ve surely experienced, it can sometimes be a challenge to get kids to keep all their layers on in the cold, the key is to start early so that they’re used to it. It’s important to teach children to wear a hat from birth, and this includes warm winter hats. Once a baby is familiarized with the sensation of wearing a hat, they’ll be far less likely to give you grief over it once they get a bit older. Particularly as the seasons start to change, your kids might be a bit defiant when it comes to layering up because they’re not used to that sort of restriction from the summer months. But if your little ones are used to the sensation of wearing a hat on their head in summer, they’ll be far happier wearing a hat in winter also. Keeping our kids at an optimal temperature allows their bodies to spend less time in survival mode and more time in growing and developing mode.

Toddler boy wearing Bedhead Teddy Fleecy Beanie in Baby Blue Marle

Fact: cold wind doesn’t necessarily cause ear infections but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cover your children’s ears.

Mothers around the world used to swear that going out in the cold without a warm hat would make you sick, however in more recent years, this has been dubbed as a myth. Even though uncovered ears hasn’t been proven to cause inner ear infections, cold wind in the ears is extremely uncomfortable and uncovered ears can still contribute to the loss of body heat through the head. To keep your young one warm and happy, it’s best to find a warm hat which not only covers the top of their head but also their ears and back of the neck to ensure they’re getting as much warmth as possible. The Bedhead Baby Fleecy Beanies are perfect for that – the cute teddy ears are an added bonus that will be sure to make them love it even more!

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