The Making of Bedhead Hats SS2018 Collection

Date Posted:10 August 2018 

The SS2018 launch is so close we can barely contain our excitement (eeek!) and after such a great response to our “Who Made Your Hat?” blog, we wanted to give you another inside look and sneak peak to the making of our new range!

Each year at production time, Richelle our Director visits the Bedhead Hats factory in the bustling city of Changzhou, China. She meticulously looks over the production line to make sure your hats come to you in perfect quality.

Every worker in the factory plays an important part in the making of a Bedhead Hat and it couldn’t be possible without their expertise.

Bedhead Hats factory floor

This is Wendy, she’s our factory manager’s wife. She runs the floor and makes sure everything gets produced on time. She likes to do our baby bucket brims herself because she knows they get out perfect when she puts them in. We love her to bits! “I don’t help make anyone’s hats but yours” she tells Richelle.

Floor manager Wendy puts brims into Bedhead baby bucket hat

Here’s a sneak peak at our gorgeous Hearts print – available in Legionnaire, Baby Bucket and Ponytail Bucket styles. Here a skilled machinist applies the “return to” labels into the back panel of the legionnaire hat. Our “return to” labels are sewn in, not ironed on so they don’t come out in the wash! We love attention to detail.

Machinist sews in Bedhead Hats 'return to' label

Another sneak peak – here is our beautiful Mia print going through one of the final production stages. If you hate ironing, so do we! Our hats come pre-ironed. This man meticulously presses your hats so they’re perfect and ready to go straight onto little heads.

Bedhead Mia Baby Buckets in factory

Making our hats can be both messy and thirsty work! This creative machinist has found a great way to keep dust and fibres out of her coffee!

Bedhead machinist uses hat to cover coffee


Here are some more of our SS2018 prints fresh on the factory floor!

We can see plenty of little guys and girls LOVING these crocs this Summer (as long as they’re just on our hats not in our swimming water – sorry Darwin!)

Bedhead crocodile baby buckets on factory floor

We’ve got plenty of this Digger print to go around! Our lovely Facebook followers voted to include this print in the range and it’s turned out might fine!

Bedhead digger baby bucket on factory floor

Do you have a little one who loves Super Heroes? Then this Bats print is for you!

Bedhead bats print being sewn in factory

What can be better than a cute hat that goes with every outfit? These anchors are going to be a great Summer wardrobe staple for your little ones!

Bedhead Hats anchor brims on factory floor


Posted by Bedhead Hats on Thursday, August 9, 2018


Now on to our Swim Hats!

The prints of our cotton hats are water or rubber prints, which are applied with a screen press however our Swim prints are digitally printed (high tech, exciting stuff right?!)

First the design is printed onto paper like these gorgeous Flamingos.

Bedhead Hats Flamingos being printed in factory


Posted by Bedhead Hats on Thursday, August 9, 2018


and then the print is heat adhered to the fabric like this Nautical print.

Bedhead Hats Nautical printed onto fabric in factory


Posted by Bedhead Hats on Thursday, August 9, 2018


The printed fabric is then laid out and cut - the ladies in charge of this have an extremely high attention to detail and we love them for it!

Bedhead Hats whale print in factory


Posted by Bedhead Hats on Thursday, August 9, 2018


Another exciting high tech detail is that our brims are laser cut! This not only ensures that our brims are cut more efficiently, but also perfectly every time.

Bedhead Hat brims being laser cut in factory


Posted by Bedhead Hats on Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hello Sunshine! A sneak peak of what's to come!

Bedhead SS2018 Swim Hats and more sneak peak

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