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Author: Richelle (aka. the hat lady)   Date Posted: 8 September 2017  

So many times, expecting and new parents make this comment – ‘My newborn won’t need a hat’. We must interrupt and strongly disagree. Let us walk you through the reasons why starting sun safety early is the essential key to having a happy hat wearing toddler & child.

Author: Richelle (aka. the hat lady)   Date Posted: 1 September 2017  

The physical development and growth of your baby to a toddler, then child, will greatly influence which hat is best suited to their needs. Here’s a quick guide to understand which is best for your little one.

Kids and Baby Summer Sun hat

Classic Denim styles are back!  A really great hat for Baby, Girls and Boys of all ages!

Despite looking like denim you can forget the heavy denim materials that some hats are made of. Bedhead denim style hats are made from our lightweight and super-stretchy cotton elastane knit that keeps the head cool in summer. Just like all of our hats keeping...

Date Posted: 3 September 2015  


Who makes a bedhead hat?


Often when I’m out and about at Baby Expos, I get asked who makes your hats. It’s a fair question these days.

The reality is a family workshop of skilled mature age machinists in the Chinese city of Changzhou. A few hours south of Shanghai in a bustling merging city. Overlooking the city there is a fun park with roller coaster, loads of trees, a state of art bullet train station and a bustling city of ...

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Author: Richelle (aka. the hat lady)   Date Posted: 1 September 2015  

Legionnaire Trucker kids Hat - Boys

Hate is a strong word.  However when it comes to sun protection – I really do hate trucker caps. They provided very little in glare and sun protection to the face.  What’s more the mesh crown provides even less protection to the sun on a child’s head.

Yes they are cute.  

Yes they are stylish. &n...

Author: Richelle (aka. the hat lady)   Date Posted: 8 November 2014  

While the onset of warm summer months brings excitement to many of our little ones, it also strikes fear into the hearts of many parents. It’s the dreaded ‘H’ word and all the tantrums and arguments that can go with it. “No hat, no play. Well you’ll just have to stay inside then. I’ve told you, you have to wear your hat”. These well repeated mantras become more tiresome frustrations for us parents, than actual behaviour changing enlightenments for our children. 

Changing a child’s behaviour isn’t an overnight process. Wearing a hat is a learned skill, much like learning to walk or toilet training. However, the child can often see no benefit in wearing a hat, so it can make ...

Author: Richelle   Date Posted: 20 August 2014  

OMG - it may have nearly killed me....but our new website is finally here! In what feels like forever I can finally step away from my little techno-bubble and bask in the outdoors. My family can rejoice in getting their happy Mum back, rather than the confused, frustrated and frowning nightmare they have tolerated over the past few weeks.

It was so worth it though! Mostly of benefit for all our fans who will be able to have a faster and more user friendly place to enjoy all that Bedhead has to offer! Many of you bargain-hunters will enjoy our new SALE category. Here we have dropped the price on the last stocks and sizes from previous summers - seriously once they are g...