Childcare Hats in Legionnaire & Bucket Styles - UPF 50+ & Sunsmart


The Childcare supplies the kids will want to take home with them!

Most Childcare hats are either poor fitting, floppy brimmed or just not protective enough. From customer demand, we have created the Bedhead Hats Day Care Range of hats - with all the features that make our hats so well loved! We have even added the break-free clasp that POPS chin strap open under pressure. Available in Bucket & Legionnaire styles - plus a stylish Educator hat too!

We have even added the new 'Wonder Sheets' to our Childcare offer. This is sheet-genius - a fitted & flat top sheet in one! Practical no-fuss invention to make rest time easy. Made of 100% Cotton stretch knit, perfect for little ones with sensitive skin. Here is the EXTRA Genius bit....

This one sheet set fits the ENTIRE variety of cots, sleep mats, stretchers & stackers - saving you money over the years. No need to buy a different sheet set for each year as your child progresses through different rooms using different sleep equipment.

Bulk rates available for Childcare centres. Need customisations? We can also add your centres logo (minimum 30 units) Contact us 


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Daycare Bundle - Hat + Sheets + Washbag