Protect the Potential

Protect the Potential

Bedhead Hats is an Australian based company with a core value of making the most protective and comfortable sun hats for babies & children.

We believe every child should have the opportunity to grow up healthy and safe. Last year, we established ‘Protect the Potential’ to provide less fortunate babies of Australia with the ‘first step’ in living a sun-safe life. With the help of our lovely customers and charities who aid disadvantaged mums and bubs, we gave $100,000 of sun hats to babies who needed them most.

This year, we are not only bringing back the ‘Protect the Potential’ initiative, but we are doubling the commitment. This year we are committing to give $200,000 of sun-hats to be the ‘first-step’ in the sun-safety journey of Aussie babies.


The Problem

The Australian sun is harsh and claims an alarmingly high number of Aussies each year. With one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world*, Australia needs a generational shift in sun-safety. 

Not everyone realises that sun exposure in the first 10 years of life plays a large part in determining your lifetime potential for skin cancer.^ In order to see the number of Australian’s diagnosed with skin-cancer decline, we need to start babies sun-safety journeys right from day one.

Learn why babies should start sun-safety early


The Solution - Bedhead UPF50+

The good news is that we’re here to help. Bedhead Hats is committed to helping parents instill sun safety habits in children at a young age. We provide families with the most comfortable, high quality protective hats on the market, protecting children from the harsh effects of the strong Australian sun and giving parents the tools to get babies comfortable wearing hats from birth.

Check out which style hat is most suited to your childs development


Sadly for some mums and babies, their everyday needs are far greater than sun-safety. That’s where you and Bedhead can make a difference!


‘Protect the Potential’ is our response to ensure that Aussie babies get the best start they can to live a sun-safe life. This year we are committed to give $200,000 of sun hats to babies needing them the most by partnering with even more charities, hospitals and post-natal services nationwide.



Our charitable partners listed below will DONATE baby hats (along with other goodies) to a new Mum and bub in need.

Who we help
Who we help
Who we help
Who we help

Do you know someone who needs a newborn hat?

We are giving away five newborn hats every day until the end of Summer.



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