Baby Nappy Wet Bags for Swimwear & Towel

Get more of the great baby hats prints you love from Bedhead with our matching wet bags. A baby wet bag is essential for getting your wet cossies home from the beach without saturating everything else. Just wring out excess water from items before zipping them inside. Choose the wet swimwear bag that matches our coordinating swim hats and rashies.

Shop from one of the most stylish collections of wet bags in Australia. Your little one will be the coolest kid on the beach. Our matching hats will also keep them safe from the sun.

Wet bags are great for wet swimwear, but there are lots of other things you’ll use them for too! Carry drink bottles, wipes, sunscreen, or snacks whenever you go out. Wet bags are great at keeping liquids away from you, your dry clothes, or your car.

Our baby wet bags come in fun, colourful prints that kids love. Choose from our Surf Dog, Boats, Crocodile, Hibiscus, and other prints. There’s something that’s perfect for every little girl or boy. Find a print that matches one of our boys or girls baby hats. You can also match our solid colours for a custom look.

Wet clothes aren’t one of the things that’s fun about going to the beach or pool, and they can be messy and inconvenient. Wet bags make it easier and more comfortable to bring back your baby’s wet clothes without any fuss.