Baby Summer Hats & Clothing | Rated UPF 50+

Australia is known for its hot summers and high rates of skin cancer. These are some of the biggest reasons to give your baby an early start with sun care. They need to have a protective hat on every time they go out in the sun, no matter where they are or what they do.

Our baby hats are rated UPF50+ to keep out the sun’s harmful rays. They are also made with a comfortable fit that keeps them from wanting to take their hat off. 

Comfort is of big importance to us at Bedhead. One reason older girls don’t like to wear hats is because they don’t fit comfortably over their ponytails. Choose your little girl a fun, feminine-print summer hat with a keyhole opening for her to pull her ponytail through. They are the same prints as our baby bucket and legionnaire hat styles. We also have a range of baby boy summer prints and colours.

Shop our edit of hats for the perfect baby summer hat for your little one!