Baby Legionnaire Hats | Rated UPF 50+

Hats look adorable on babies and toddlers, and our baby legionnaire hat is no exception. They also provide coverage from the sun to protect your little one’s delicate skin. Our hats are made from lightweight, super-stretchy styles that really fit.

The baby Legionnaire Hat is specially designed to be worn in a pram or baby carrier. The flap covers the ears and the back of the neck, and the brim is generous and deep, ensuring baby gets maximum coverage with a hat that they don’t even know they’re wearing!

Putting a hat on your baby increases the likelihood that your little one will continue wearing hats throughout their childhood and beyond. Covering up with a Bedhead Baby Legionnaire Hat now will protect them from damage that could cause problems later on. If they make wearing a hat a habit, they’ll be set up with sun-safety skills for life.

Comfort and protection sets our baby hats apart from the rest. It doesn’t matter how much protection a hat provides if your little one won’t leave it on! Measure your baby’s head to get a perfect fit - this will ensure they keep their hat in place wherever you go.

Bedhead Hats come in a range of styles including bucket hats, flap hats, swim hats, and more! Check out our hats for baby boys or hats for baby girls for fun patterns for him or her, or opt for a unisex hat that looks great on any baby.