Baby Bucket Hats | Rated UPF 50+

As a caring parent, you’re always looking for ways to protect your baby. When your baby spends time outdoors, you want to protect their skin from the damage that sun exposure can cause. 

The Bedhead Baby Bucket Hat is one of the best ways to protect them from the sun. Bucket hats have a wide, downward-sloping brim that protects their eyes from the sun. Our baby bucket hat is made to frame your baby’s line of sight. It’s also made from lightweight, stretchy fabric for a comfortable fit. Wearing it is so comfortable that they won't even realise they’re wearing it!

Our baby hats are rated UPF50+ excellent protection. The chin strap (which can be removed if you prefer) helps keep it in place, even in car seats, carriers, and slings. At Bedhead Hats, we understand how frustrating it can be to keep your bub protected and happy so we created a range of fun girl, boy and unisex prints that kids love to wear. 

Our bucket hats are ideal for childcare centres. Shop Bedhead Hats for the best quality and protection for your little ones!